Could you imagine living in a Slim Aarons photograph? Well here's the next best thing!

It's no secret that Rowing Blazers has been the coolest brand to watch for more than a hot second. Over the years the cult fashion brand has lent their preppy, cheeky, sporty, edgy slant to a bunch of amazing collaborations - from Barbour to Brentwood Country Mart to Sperry. And their latest partnership, which launches today, is undoubtedly the most perfect of them all.

Rowing Blazers is joining forces with Slim Aarons' estate on a capsule collection of tees and hoodies that will soon be flooding the streets, donned by every interesting, stylish individual. Available in a medley of punchy colors, and stamped with five of the legendary photographer's most iconic images, this collection is sure to inspire a crazy case of indecision. After all, who could choose just one photo to wear?

There's that snap of the topless, tan sunbathers in Capri (which you know is going to the most popular, for good reason), that shot of spectators dressed-to-the-nines at Henley Royal Regatta, that enragingly perfect beach scene in St. Tropez, that sophisticated polo match by the sea in Spain, and, my personal favorite, a lakeside summer picnic that's is the very definition of the word 'idyllic.' Can you think of anything more effortless and summer-y to sport?

Click through for a peak at all of the looks. And run, don't walk, to get yours before they sell out!

[Photos courtesy Rowing Blazers]