The Pink Agenda's Annual Spring Gala

by Rachelle Hruska · May 19, 2008

    Marisa Renee Lee, Abigail Lorick [Marisa Renee Lee and Abigail Lorick]

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan.

    This last Thursday night, before we joined Scott and Naeem at Operation Smile, Keith Lissner and I (in his gorgeously designed white gown) attended Marisa Renee Lee's event for The Pink Agenda at Twenty Four Fifth. First, I have to comment on how STUNNING the hostess looked in her dress, designed by Abigail Lorick, (on the Executive Committee for the event), who was also looking adorable in her vintage cocktail dress. Actually, the entire party was gorgeous. Who knew that this many attractive people with Harvard degrees were hiding out in Corporate America. We agreed it was a welcomed change to the Socialite-y events where you know everyone's name. It was nice...not knowing.

    Although we did run into Timo Weiland, Emily Brill, Abigail Lorick, and others, this event, I found myself able to meet several new faces...always fun. After a touching opening from Liana M. Guzman (vice president of the organization and roommate/best friend of Marisa's), there was a keynote speech from Marisa Acocella Marhcetto, herself a breast cancer surviver (and Author of Cancer VIxon). Then Marisa Lee took the mic and, promising not to cry because of her professionally done (and phenomenal I might add) makeup that she joked that she didn't want to ruin (though, I thought to myself, it would be impossible to erase her beauty, smeared makeup or not), she told her tale.

    Michael Vellucci conducted the live auction that included items like an Equinox membership, a private dinner from Chef Georgina Pellegrini (Gramercy Tavern), a seven day all inclusive vacation in Bermuda, Courside seats at the US open, and much more. Guests mingled around hor dourves tables, and the open bars sponsored by Boru Vodka. The after party was at People Lounge on Allen street sponsored by Svedka.

    For more about her story on her loss of her mother to this cancer, and the organization itself, read over her interview with GofG that she so kindly gave us weeks ago. And, of course, check out the Pink Agenda's website for other ways that you can contribute to the cause.

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