Things Going Swimmingly Well For Hilfiger Family

by guestofaguest · March 12, 2008

    hilfiger [Photo via Racked]

    We can all stop wondering what is going to happen with the prime real estate that is the old Fortunoff's on 5th ave. As we learned from our friends over at Racked today, it is going to be home to a brand new....Hilfiger & Co. 22,000 sq. ft, four-floor flagship store, opening this November. They point out that "Given the tourist traffic on the stretch, it's (sadly) bound to be a huge hit." As one commenter put it:

    "One word for this "EWWWWWWWWWW!" Why can't this space be Topshop/Topman or Uniqlo? Tommy Hilfiger era is really over with Coolio and the 90's! Sucha waste of prime retail space on 5th Avenue. They should set up the neighborhood hearing first"

    Though, is anyone else but me starting to notice the influx of 90's style coming back (hello...Chloe Sevigny's new line SCREAMS 90' fact it carries the same exact flower print shit I wore daily in 5th grade). Coolio and gansta funk are just a couple months away, and I will go against the masses here and just say it: I'm not turned off by this. Let's bring back the rolled up pant legs, one strap overalls, and hypercolor tshirts (those were "the bomb").

    The Hilfiger family is having quite the year, with dad's new stores popping up everywhere, and Ally finally growing into her name (Alexandria) with her magic 8's debuting all over town, it's bound to be a good Christmas for the Greenwich clan.

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