Chances are when you think environmental fashion, you think recycled fabrics or pre-owned clothing.

Well, settle in because sustainable shopping has never been so chic!

It's no secret that the fashion industry isn't all glitz and glamour, but did you know that a crazy amount of designers and brands actually burn their unsold inventory? Talk about senseless waste!

Five years ago, ShopWorn was founded with the mission to give luxury brands a far more eco-friendly alternative to just destroying last season's pieces in an incinerator. Since then, it's been the biggest shopping secret of fashion insiders looking for amazing deals! And really, who doesn't love a deal!?

Even as companies focus more heavily on planning their production runs, at the end of the season, very few brands are successful in selling out every single item - which is where ShopWorn comes in. Brands are able to achieve their sustainability mandates when ShopWorn purchases their remaining inventory, giving a new life to a past season’s collection.

From high end watches and fine jewelry to luxury leather goods and fashionable accessories, ShopWorn's constantly updated inventory (three times per week!) is bursting with 100% authentic, never before owned designer pieces priced at incredible discounts (up to 80% off!). 

And not to stress you out, but considering they often have only one or two of an item in stock, when you see something you love, you'd better snatch it up!

Curious to see which of their fab products are tickling our fancy the most at the moment? Click through to shop our personal faves!