This World Is Yours

by Rachelle Hruska · July 1, 2008

    zink and famegame shoot [Photo via Mary Rambin]

    So a couple weekends ago, I took part in a fun little photo shoot in Brooklyn (I'm wearing Keith Lissner of course). It was part of a larger concept called "This World Is Yours", which is what the article will be about in the new ZInk Magazine (release party tonight).

    This event is first and foremost a media experiment, the point of which is to seed 5 messages in the media, in this case, through 5 original works of fashion photography. Our friends over at Fame Game chose these five messages (Think, Play, Dream, Teach, and Let Go) because they think they are good messages to put out in a world overcrowded with consumption propaganda.

    More story and invitation below:

    I, along with Julia Allison, Mary Rambin, Meghan Asha, Paul Johnson-Cauldron and Gregory Littley are part of the "PLAY" message (fitting considering we had quite the time playing around on set all morning).

    I wish I could say more but we will all just have to wait and see the final product tonight at the red-carpet event at 40 Thompson.

    The World Is Yours Invitation