Three Blondes Host A "Mad Tea Party" In Honor Of Their First Jewelry Collection

by guestofaguest · August 22, 2008

    3 blondes [Photos via PMC]

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    Do blondes really know how to have more fun? Three Blondes’ first jewelry and hair accessory collection is a fairytale vision filled with embellished cuffs, sparkling hair accessories, lace and velvet: the embodiment of sophistication and spunk for teens through twenty-somethings.

    Native Upper-Eastsiders Summer Rej and Jennifer Meyers, best friends for over a decade, have collaborated with childhood acquaintance Kristy Rao to form the design trio, Three Blondes. This Wednesday, August 20th, 2008, Three Blondes offered a sneak peak at their debut collection, by hosting a “Mad Tea Party” in the back courtyard of a private Soho loft residence. Celebrating with cookies, cupcakes, and of course, tea.  Guests had the opportunity to preview Three Blondes’ chic and fashion-forward line of colorful necklaces, bangles and barrettes.

    3 blondes3 blondes3 blondes

    More photos and story below:

    3 blondesSummer, Jennifer and Kristy have combined a variety of colors, materials and fabrics to introduce the wearer to the world of Three Blondes. The result is a vast scheme of cuff bracelets with beaded appliqué embellishments and bows alongside lace and velvet. The ladies are inspired by mixing unlikely materials to create texture and dimension. The collection also boasts an extensive coordinating hair accessory line of barrettes and headbands, all sharing a theme of sequins and sparkle. In addition, Three Blondes is introducing a series of necklaces made in bold shades of gold and silver, embellished with charms, crystals, and Lucite add-ons. Each piece is hand-made in New York, NY.

    The Three Blondes collection is inspired by Summer, Jennifer and Kristy’s childhood in New York, a city where extravagant and decadent dressing is accepted, and encouraged, unlike anywhere else in the world. These real life “Gossip Girls” want to celebrate the art of dressing up. These accessories encourage the wearer to become one of the “Three Blondes,” so that when one accessorizes with Three Blondes, she instantly feels ready for morning tea at the Carlyle, a stroll up Madison Avenue, an afternoon of shopping on Fifth, a lavish dinner in one of New York’s most elegant restaurants, followed by a never-ending glitzy and glamorous night on the town.

    3 blondes3 blondes3 blondes3 blondes