Tiffany & Ko.

by guestofaguest · May 27, 2008

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan.

    Tiffany Koury and I met about a year ago at Crash Mansion. This was back when I was shooting only polaroids and she was so interested and easy to talk to I instantly wanted to know more about her. Somehow we lost touch after about 2 emails and I hadn’t heard from her…until the Envirolution event! I saw her and we spoke a little and we instantly began to trade contact info! Blah, blah…we started to BBM and now the rest is history.

    We started to BBM early on Monday and she asked what I was up too and I said I was just looking for a BBQ to go to or something...she said to me, ”GOOD, we’re having one and you’re coming over!” I went over to her beautiful and well-situated apartment that overlooks the pier and sat down with her and some of her friends for a little feast. Tiffany is awesome and has such a great personality and creative mind. Talking to her about her different collections and just her thought processes was really intriguing and one thing she said really stuck out to me and that “I don’t follow trends, I do what I like and what feels right.”

    Ppl present: Davina Catt, Marten Kayle, Alex Knight, Kristen Parkhurst , dogs: Axl Rose and Cody

    Post written by Antwan Duncan