'Tis The Season to Go GREEN: Envirolution Holiday Party!

by STEPHANIE WEI · December 3, 2008

    While the "regular" economy is depressingly unpredictable these days, the new "green" economy is looking increasingly promising. Amidst the Green community, word is that green-collar jobs are on the rise to further the cause for a more sustainable NYC. Take a gander at our favorite eco-friendly non-profit group, Envirolution, and its growing progress and current projects by checking out its holiday fundraiser on Thursday at Inc Lounge. At the event, Envirolution, along with Make Me Sustainable, will unveil their latest and greatest project - the "Win-Win Campaign" - a youth-led small business energy and carbon efficiency campaign.

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    The hosts will be joined by reps from a bevy of other eco-friendly companies and non-profits, providing an excellent networking event for those looking to get more involved at any capacity. Or, just come out with friends for a few drinks and enjoy music from DJ K Black and a special performance by Ihsan Mummahad of Urban Go Green (who also performed at Envirolution's Launch Party in May and was AMAZING). For those New Yorkers looking for new career opportunities AND ways to make a difference, it's no doubt that checking out the Green market could be a sustainable move!

    [Envirolution: The Next Generation Of Sustainability]