To This One, It Matters: Starfish's Spring Fling

by CLAIRE WILLETT · May 3, 2008

    Starfish Charity, 1Oak [Image via Sarah Beer]

    1.2 million. That's the number of AIDS orphans in South Africa. In 2001, a group of young Londoners decided to do something about it, and Starfish Charity was born. The group's name comes from a folk tale about a beach blanketed in starfish, and a girl determined to save as many as she could, no matter that a large number would still remain. Like the girl, the Starfish team is undeterred by the overwhelming numbers, and through their efforts, over 34,000 orphans are being provided for. Last Thursday night, Starfish's US branch (the others are in South Africa, Canada, and Great Britain), threw their Spring Fling bash at 1 Oak. We, unfortunately, had prior life guarding obligations, so we dispatched two of our friends in our stead. Here's what the lovely GofGofGers had to say:

    The Scene:

    Socially aware young professionals, fun but not flighty, educated, diverse

    The Scenery:

    Starfish and orange lollies abounded, as did liquor and wine

    The Music:

    Throwback dance-pop ("Beat It" will never grow old)

    The Prizes:

    Mais oui, there were prizes, awarded via a raffle. Winners walked away with 2 tickets to London, an Adidas by Stella McCartney gift bag, and 3 hours with Derek Roche, Diddy's personal stylist. Schwing!

    When we met up with them later, our friends were giddy and gushing over both the event and the organization. There's nothing like an awesome cause and an open bar for bringing out the best in people.

    If you would like to learn more about Starfish, and/or make a donation, click here.