Trend Alert: 10 Tulle Skirts You'll Actually Want To Wear

"Trending on Google" is usually a phrase we associate with the latest political announcement, celebrity disaster, or viral video sensation. Instead, though, we may soon be applying this phrase to the most important trends of all: the ones that guide the way we dress. People, we're talking about fashun here!

The bright minds at the multinational tech behemoth and everyone's favorite search engine (no, Bing) have analyzed the six billion fashion-related queries plugged into Google just this year to come up with a list of the top style trends. The results range from pleasantly interesting (apparently palazzo pants are overtaking skinny jeans) to Beyoncé-obsessed white girl (please burn that kale sweatshirt it will not be cool next year). At the top of the list though? Tulle skirts. A tough one. We wonder concernedly: are consumers just not realizing that their lives aren't really red carpeted affairs where traipsing around in Marchesa or Oscar de la Renta à la Hailee Steinfeld is acceptable? You might as well be trying to seriously incorporate emoji pants into your lifestyle (another Google trend apparently; we filed it with the kale sweater).

But whether it's unfulfilled ballerina dreams or pining after the long-gone prom days, shoppers seem to be willing to overlook the fragility, impracticality, and general meringue attitude of the tulle skirt in order to force integrate it into their wardrobes. To that we say, let Guest of a Guest at least guide you through this perilous territory, so that you may emerge at the end of your sartorial journey looking more Marion Cotillard in Dior than Forever 21 ripping off Degas. Click through for our top picks of sophisticated, grown-up, and decidedly un-dessert-like skirts.

[Photos via @chicladytoknow, @whorefication]