One WASP's Opinion On The Vineyard Vines For Target Collection

by Millie Moore · May 20, 2019

    Twitter was a'trending with jokes about Vineyard Vines dropping a line for Target this weekend. While their jokes were as edgy and original as Vineyard Vines clothes are, we do need to have a referendum about brands going "downmarket." And why you're so mad about it!

    This isn't the first time that WASP staples have gone downmarket. Lily Pulitzer has a line at Target. Kiel James Patrick was never a WASP and swindled his way into the market. He's also part of the Ocean House, and everyone who summers in Watch Hill knows that anyone with a pulse can get into that club (no offense to the Ocean House. I have some love for them because the architect actually designed my parents' house as well). And let's not forget that Mia Khalifa had a Longchamp bag in the porn movie she did where she wore a hijab. 

    But honestly, who cares?

    If you are trumpeting from the rooftops that you are pissed about yet another WASPy brand gearing towards a larger market, chances are you are a douche. Also, there's an even bigger chance that you're not a WASP to begin with. I remember when my old roommate was publicly lambasting the fact that the Kardashians were filming a reality show in the Hamptons. I don't know, I feel like if the Kardashians want to film a show in Scott Disick's literal hometown, they have a right to. 

    Anyway, people who are actively mad about these kinds of things tend to be social climbers who pretend to be rich. WASPs who are actively mad enough about these things are really, really trying to let the world know how WASPy they are, which is not very WASPy enough. 

    To be honest, I fully applaud the Target line far more than actual Vineyard Vines. If you take a look at the Target site, they use plus size models, they sell an inflatable ring toss game, they have pool floaties should you not want to have a Funboy pool float Instagram like everyone else does. I think it's great that women who put ice in their Barefoot Moscato and think Jennifer Lawrence has "edgy" humor have access to off-the-shoulder tops that show off their Zumba toned arms and portable beach chairs to lounge in while they watch their kids swim in their above ground pools. Let people live!

    [Photo via @vineyardvines]