We're Wearing The Pants Now. And We Got Them For $100 Off At (hem) Boutique!

by Rachelle Hruska · July 31, 2008

    hem-summer-sale-100-offBonobos may be the hottest thing on the pant market for men, but what about the ladies?  We wear pants too, which is why it is now my duty to introduce you to (hem) Boutique.

    (hem)'s trousers are "ultra-flattering".  They are "both provocatively feminine & idiosyncratically forward".

    I love flowing skirts and dresses, but sometimes a girl just wants to pull up some comfortable pants for a change.  The store, founded by Yrmis Barroeta and Christina Bohigian is in the heart of Soho, and offers a collection of over 30 unique styles designed with some of gnarliest fabrics I've seen. Also, new styles are added weekly from a local factory catering to tailor any shape.

    Another case of the search for the perfect trouser solved! And, for you lucky Guest of a Guest readers, the store is offering a $100 coupon on any pair of trousers!!!!!!!  Who's wearing the trousers now boys?

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    (hem) Boutique 155 Prince Street, Soho 212.674.2311