Much like your wallet, watch and shoes say something about your personality without you even having to open your mouth, so too do your sunglasses. People recognize you by your face, so you can send a certain message with your choice of shades. Want to be remembered and recognized as a pretentious hippy kook on your way to the Coffee Bean? There are shades for that. Or are you rather trying to come off as sophisticated and classy, like the proprietor of a small nautical-themed boutique shop? Yes, there are shades for that too. Want people to just get the fuck out of your way and automatically assume you don't care about what they have to say? *DING DING DING* You guessed it - they have glasses for that too. 

The magical thing about sunglasses is that you can create this persona, this alter ego, if you play them just right and pick frames that fit your face and really stick to it. Superman just throws on some knock-off Ray Bans and he's an entirely different person, mild-mannered Clark Kent, and dates that boring chick Lois; Johnny Depp without sunglasses looks like the mummy of Johnny Depp looking to score some ketamine on his way to a Kings of Leon concert; And MacaulayCulkin - please just keep yours on. There are several different types of frames out there, so take your time and find out which sunnies really work for you. 

[Photo via The Wolf of Wall Street]