Chelsea Bingham, Ashley Gail, Elizabeth Minnett, Natalie Decleve

There’s only one way to celebrate Fat Tuesday… well, ok two. But if you’re not partying down in New Orleans, then indulging in a big old feast is the way to go. So, in honor of the occasion – I decided to gather a few girlfriends together to do just that. And what more appropriate restaurant to host than the West Village’s Fatty ‘Cue?! But just because the name is caloric, it doesn’t mean the food necessarily is. Despite the fact that ‘cue is short for barbecue, the menu actually offers a wide range of flavor-packed seafood, chicken and vegetable dishes, in addition to elegantly prepared steak and lamb. They also use only the best meats, often locally sourced, and stock their produce from the Union Square Farmers Market. Knowing my affinity for healthy food (I am a Hippie in Heels, after all), the Fatty crew generously created a selection of lady-friendly menu items that allowed my guests and I to get a taste of it all.

And taste it all we did… After five, finger-licking, savory courses and two desserts, we felt that we’d celebrated the holiday appropriately. So it’s a good thing that I had asked everyone to wear their favorite “chic to feast,” aka fat day outfit. Because let’s face it, no matter what your denim size, we all have our off days, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to know. If you need inspiration for your next Fat Tuesday (or fat Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday…), then click through to check out how the gals and I stay stylish any day of the week.