Williamsburg's Meat and Bone Theatre Company Celebrates First Year With People, Plays, and PBR

by SARAH CROW · July 15, 2009

    [Kimberlee Walker, Nick Robertson, Armand Valdes.]

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    Brooklyn's best and brightest headed north on Sunday night as Meat and Bone Theatre Company founders Toby Levin and Emma Givens hosted their first annual "Meat and Bone-iversary" in Williamsburg. The event, which benefited the North Brooklyn-based theatre company, featured excerpts of plays performed by Meat and Bone earlier this year, including a shortened version of The Hannah Complex, by What We Know So Far's Patrick Davison and Mike Rugnetta.

    Guests danced to music by DJ Joo-Young while bidding on auction items, including a necklace from Shanna Nash Jewelry, sessions with makeup artist Karen Lanyi, and cooking lessons with nutritionist Joe Mutz. Artistic director Emma Givens said of the event, "We were thrilled to see that our passion for cultivating new work doesn't stop with us. We hope that we can continue introducing new audiences to the theater, and show people that performance is a constantly evolving medium. We pick our plays based on what we enjoy watching, and we hope that we can meet the needs and desires of our audience in doing so." Guests included Lemondrop's Julieanne Smolinski, ArpLine keyboardist Oliver Edsforth, and producer Michael Patrick Anderson.

    Alex Bleeker, Michael Chinworth

    Patrick Davison, Paul Morrill, Stephen Bruckert

    Nick Wilder, Kate Reilly, Mary Trotter, Armand Valdes

    Liam Cubbin, Nick Neidorf, Elise Oleksiak

    DJ Joo-Young

    Rachael Hayes, Oliver Edsforth

    Liam Cubbin, Wythe Marschall

    Emma Givens

    Toby Levin


    Sarah Crow

    Event guests