Young Curators, New Ideas II Opens At The PPOW Gallery

by SARAH MANDATO · August 7, 2009

    Bridget Donahue, Kate McNamara, Bridget Finn [Bridget Donahue, Kate McNamara, Bridget Finn. All photos by AMBER DE VOS for PMc]

    Yesterday, PPOW held the opening reception for Young Curators, New Ideas II, organized by Amani Olu in collaboration with the gallery. Guests in the Chelsea space enjoyed the multiple medias on display, that will be exhibiting through the 28th of August. Now that there is finally a little sun, browsing the different small art venues is the perfect afternoon activity.

    Angelica Bergamini, Susanna Pozzoli Angelica Bergamini, Susanna Pozzoli

    Lonely Christopher, Jason Tallon Lonely Christopher

    Lily Gile, Annie Dolmatch Lily Gile, Annie Dolmatch

    Allison Chess Ruiz, Jose Ruiz Allison Chess Ruiz, Jose Ruiz

    Amani Olu, Amy Elkins Amani Olu, Amy Elkins

    Thomas Beard, Ceci Moss Thomas Beard, Ceci Moss

    Helen Toomer, Chris Labzda, Dan Shaw-Town Helen Toomer, Chris Labzda, Dan Shaw-Town

    Jamie Sterns, Penny Pilkington Jamie Sterns, Penny Pilkington

    Sahara Borja, Heather Perry Sahara Borja, Heather Perry

    Nora Lawrence, C.C. MarshJamie Sterns, Amani Olu Nora Lawrence, C.C. Marsh, Jamie Sterns, Amani Olu

    Peter Segerstron, Breanne TrammellNico Wheadon Peter Segerstron, Breanne Trammell, Nico Wheadon