Sweet Tuesdays At The Slipper Room

by BILLY GRAY · November 3, 2009

    Seth Herzog might be best known as a talking head on all those grating pop culture synopses (Best Week Ever, Best Year Ever, I Love the New Millenium etc.) that monopolized VH1 before it became the cable TV equivalent of a free clinic. But you can catch the funnyman every Tuesday night MC'ing one of the city's most consistent comedy hours at The Slipper Room on the Lower East Side.

    And tonight, intrepid Daily Show anchorman Rob Riggle is dropping by...

    When not trading zingers with Jon Stewart, Riggle has worked on a slew of high-profile comedy projects, including The Hangover and Arrested Development. The Slipper Room crowd can be brutal, but Riggle's Daily Show bits have included dispatches from Iraq (and not a green screen of it), so he should be all set. Actually, the most imposing obstacle at this and every Sweet show will be Herzog's acid-tongued mother, whose weekly Sweet diatribes on politics, her son and everything in between, make The Daily Show seem saccharine.