Money can be a sore subject. So much so that most people would actually rather talk about their weight than their finances, one survey found.

In a 2017 survey conducted by investing app Acorns, 68 percent of the 3,010 respondents said they'd rather reveal how much they weigh than how much money they have in their savings account. Additionally, 42 percent said they felt "anxious and depressed" when thinking about their financial future, and another 11 percent said they felt "meh" about it.

"Many couples I've talked to and in the community mention they're embarrassed about their finances," Elle Martinez, a financial counselor and host of Couple Money, told us. "Whether their spouse or partner is supportive, there is still a fear of judgment. In particular, the amount of debt they have can increase the hesitance to open up."

Often, people are embarrassed to reveal that they have a huge debt and little or nothing to show for it, she said. And people don't like to admit that they spent more than they can afford.

Although it can be uncomfortable, there are plenty of good reasons to open up to your significant other about the state of your finances.

Words by Katie Warren at Insider

[Photo via Reshot]