Father of Madoff Salesman Andres Piedrahita, Has Checkered Past

by guestofaguest · March 18, 2009

    [Miami-Dade County Criminal Court Record for Samuel Piedrahita.  Click to enlarge]

    Back in February, we did a post on Fairfield Greenwich Group jet-set salesman Andres Piedrahita's previous investment track record, which was anything but stellar.  Piedrahita is a son-in-law of FGG's co-founder Walter Noel (and brother-in-law of socialite Marisa Noel Brown), and despite failures in the past was able to fail upward to "success" at FGG selling Bernard Madoff products to investors around the world.

    Today we received a comment tip on Piedrahita's father Samuel's past criminal record in Miami.

    Andres piedrahita’s father Samuel–fled the american justice system.He killed a man in miami driving under the influence of alcohol and fled to colombia.  You can bet that like father like son

    We were able to confirm from the Miami court records (shown above) that there were in fact charges of Drinking Under the Influence (DUI) and Manslaughter (presumably referring to the death mentioned in this tip) brought against Samuel.  The manslaughter charge looks to have been dismissed, however, Samuel was convicted for a DUI with probation conditions.  As for allegations of fleeing the system, we can't confirm this.  In any event, a sad tale, one which certainly doesn't help their credibility or shed any positive light on their past.