First it was MJ, now hedgefund traders…

by guestofaguest · October 12, 2007


    Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, while Columbia University is experiencinig a hotbed of hate.  Ann Coulter is crazy, Clinton is unstoppable, and some naked guy is walking around nyc all week.  It seems as if things couldn't get any crazier...oh but wait, they can!  Hearing the sad news yesterday that Michael Jackson has lupus, made us think back on all of the crazy things this guy has been through.  Then we started remembering the VH1 movie about how Joseph Jackson forced Michael to take female hormones in order to retain his little boy soprano voice (so critical to the Jackson 5 songs like "ABC", "I want you back", etc.).  Moments later we read on the Daily Intelligencer that now this trend has found its way into finance in the form of curbing "trader aggression". 

    Apparently a new (recently sealed) lawsuit filed by a one Andrew Z. Tong, accuses his former boss at SAC Capital of forcing him to take female hormones.  While all of us are wondering what happened to this guys ball SAC sack and Tong, everyone in the financial world is no doubt focusing on whether or not these hormones improved his portfolio.  Was he up for the year?  What were his relative returns like when he took the hormones versus previous quarters?  Could this be a possible new trading strategy?

    We expect this sort of behavior from MJ and our loveable Queens around Chelsea, but traders?  Isnt' their drug of choice supposed to be coke?  This is pure craziness and we love it?  Oh did we mention the guy started wearing dresses?