I always considered Brass Monkey and Bounce to be the ultimate cesspools for finance douchebags, but then I stumbled upon Wall Street Oasis. What's "Wall Street Oasis," you ask with trepidation, praying that it's not as bad as it sounds? Well, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's worse. Creepy finance bros need something to do while killing time online besides liking Old Row Instagram videos of girls shotgunning beers with the captions "Future wife material!!! LOL" and commenting "Not my proudest fap" in the PornHub comment section. And what better way to spend their time than frequenting this message board that's essentially Reddit for misogynistic, privileged white males? As if Reddit wasn't already exactly that?

Do we really need yet another outlet besides mainstream message boards and the White House to air our chauvinistic grievances and depraved, tone deaf convictions? Apparently so. Click through to see some of the worst musings and ruminations that no one asked for.

[Photo via The Wolf of Wall Street]