6 Things Nicole Berrie Can't Wait To Eat This Fall

by Christie Grimm · October 13, 2020

    As the co-founder of the cult favorite, online recipe Mecca Bonberi and beloved West Village plant-based food haven Bonberi Mart, Nicole Berrie definitely has her finger on the pulse of what’s healthy and happening in New York.

    "New York is my home and I will always support our restaurants in any way I can!"

    Scroll below to check out the top six dishes that Nicole has been turning to time and time again this season!

    1. Raw Organic Juices at East Vill Organic
    One of my favorite spots to stock up on health foods with the best organic juice/ smoothie bar. They're one of the few places I will get my green juice when I don't make it myself or grab from Bonberi Mart! Will travel out of my way for this gem.

    2. Vegan Pizza at Double Zero
    They really know how to make vegan pizza completely decadent and special. Even my husband, who is vegan-wary, absolutely loves it. Their truffle cashew cream and potato pizzas are consistent faves. And don't miss out on their warm Castelvetrano olives and vegan Caesar to start.

    3. Avocado Rolls at Sushi of Gari
    After watching 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi,' I learned that the key to amazing sushi is the rice. And the quality of the rice here is hard to beat. My whole family loves avocado rolls; we have these on a weekly basis.

    4. Tacos & Margaritas at Empellon Taqueria
    Because who doesn't love Mexican night?! Always an easy go-to, and so simple to make fully vegan. My order is always the mushroom and Brussels tacos with no cheese, guacamole and salsa, and a spicy Mezcal margarita.

    5.  Vegan Korean Dinner Spread at Hangawi
    A super special restaurant that offers vegan Korean temple food that I grew up on. Always my choice for a special date night or birthday.

    6. Anything From Bonberi Mart
    It goes without saying that a Bonberi Mart salad almost always makes its way into my daily routine when it's time for pre-dinner or a late lunch. Give me all the raw veg & I'm good to go!

    That being said, when I’m not ordering-in and doing my best to support NYC’s local restaurants (mine included!), you can find me in my kitchen. As a recipe-creator and a working mom, the kitchen is really the heart of our home. And thanks to LG’s QuadWash, prep and cleanup have never been so easy. I’m working with LG and Social Studies on some exciting Thanksgiving dishes for some fun, festive, holiday inspo so stay tuned for that here!

    [Photo via Kelsey Cherry]