These Artisanal Spiked Ice Creams Are The Ultimate Summer Treat

by Christie Grimm · June 21, 2021

    Get ready for an ice cream party like no other.

    Meet Alchimista Spiked Ice Cream

    This Westchester-based company has turned your favorite happy hour and night cap sips into insanely delicious scoops. An exclusive collection of artisanal ice cream infused with premium liquors and wines, each Alchimista flavor features only the freshest of ingredients and is carefully crafted to create a silky smooth texture and rich taste.

    Curious what they're serving up? Well there's Rum Boozy Banana, Whiskey On The Rocks, Tequila Paloma, Vodka Raspberry Lemonade, Malbec Prohibition Chocolate, Gin Kiwi Breeze, Brandy Chocolate Truffle, Tequila & Orange Liqueur Margarita and more. 

    Don't be afraid to stock up - the brilliant brand delivers straight to your door in NYC or in the Hamptons.

    Grab a spoon and cheers to this summer's hottest (coolest) treat!

    [Photos courtesy Alchimista]