Behold, Instagram's Latest Hybrid Food Craze: The Croffle

by Stephanie Maida · September 1, 2021

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a Croffle?

    While he's certainly to thank for the past seven odd years' (key word, of course, being odd) worth of foodie portmanteaux, this latest hybrid dessert creation is in fact not the work of Dominique Ansel, though it does sound like the spiritual successor of the storied Cronut.

    The Croffle instead hails from South Korea, but if you've seen a few on your feed here in New York, they're likely coming from the aptly named Croffle House in Flushing.

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    If you couldn't already guess from its name, the Croffle is a combination croissant-waffle, blending the soft, buttery layers of a croissant with the crisp, caramelized sweetness of a waffle. 

    And if that wasn't reason enough to try one, Croffle House's Croffles also come topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate, or Nutella spreads, piled high and decadently arranged. It's no wonder the sweet treats have become an instant Instagram hit.

    Delicious and photogenic? This trendy dessert might actually be worth the trek to Queens.