What Bella Hadid Wants, Bella Hadid Gets...

by Christie Grimm · August 19, 2020

    Settle in for a social media fairytale love story that will warm your heart.

    Ever since finding out about Nuggs on Instagram months back (the plant based nugget brand that has a Supreme-level cult status), Bella Hadid has been hooked. Or in her delicate words, "fucking addicted."

    So when news hit of the new limited edition Spicy Nuggs drop, one can only imagine the how excited the supermodel was. But sadly, for Bella and countless nugget devotees, the just 1,000 boxes of Spicy Nuggs sold out in 16 minutes. Desperate and defeated, Bella took to the comments section to commiserate with her fellow addicts.

    Luckily, her Nuggs Prince Charming, 20-year-old CEO Ben Pasternak, quickly jumped to help the damsel in distress. A quick DM later, and the covergirl was rolling in Spicy Nuggs (and, interestingly enough, a ketchup and mayonnaise condiment combo situation which we more than respect). 

    Word on the street is that the company, whose investors include Alexis Ohanaian, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Jasmin Tookes, is now ramping up production to give the people what they want (most importantly, Bella) and keep the Spicy Nuggs coming. 

    A most happy ending indeed!

    [Photo via @bellahadid]