Black Tap Halloween Madness: The Milkshake Sure To Scare Away Your Diet

by Christie Grimm · October 28, 2016

    Who could have predicted the lasting insanity that is the Black Tap milkshake craze? Cronuts, Chobani in glass bowls, all things that drew many a crowd in their day yet which have ultimately faded in popularity as time demands. But just about a year in, this burger spot turned crazy creamery destination is still going strong, and then some. With a constant line of snap-happy sugar fiends crawling down and around the corner, they've even a permanent rope and bouncer to handle the hoards for God's sake.

    Never ones to disappoint, with their quintessentially mountainous creations of candy, chocolate and cake thrown on ice cream, Black Tap this Halloween shall be no different. Grab your warm coat and get ready to jump in line for their candy corn topped, Libby's pumpkin puree stuffed shake, topped with more whipped cream than a person should ever see in one place, a Jack O'Lantern cake pop, and but of course, the seasonally requisite pinch of pumpkin spice. 

    Available this weekend only, it's the ultimate pre-game to your holiday mischief.