Close Out The Summer With Fried Tequila Shots

by Stephanie Maida · August 30, 2017

    If you think fried Oreos at your local street fair are exciting, buckle up for a serious walk on the wild side. Summer is the time for unnecessary indulgences, after all, so why not finish strong and add one more over-the-top menu item to your three-month diet of margarita cake, frosé, and Prosecco doughnuts? We mean, the last holiday weekend of the season practically requires it of you!

    The evil geniuses over at Delish have actually figured out a way to - wait for it - FRY tequila shots. Yes, meaning they combined booze and grease to create the ultimate Labor Day treat. Gives new meaning to the term "drunchies," huh?

    Find the (surprisingly simple) full recipe HERE!

    [Photo via Delish]