Run, Don't Walk, To Dominique Ansel’s All-Pastry Fruit Stand

by Christie Grimm · July 5, 2020

Starting today, the sugar king of New York, Dominique Ansel, is giving his Soho bakery's pastry case its annual fresh summer makeover. 

For just one week, you'll be able to delight in their Summer Marché, a confectionary farmers’ market wonder bursting with a beautiful assortment of 8 different summer fruit tarts sourced from around the world. We're talking Maradol papayas, fresh rambutans, Champagne mangoes, Mara des Bois strawberries, hand-picked blackberries, and more!

Of course, coming from the creator of the Cronut, you know each of these petit fruity treats is going to be unreal. So don't miss out and get your tush to Soho before Sunday!

[Photos via @dominiqueansel]