Doughnut Flowers Have Bloomed In NYC

by Millie Moore · May 18, 2017

    Ah, spring has finally sprung in New York. And did you hear that those miserable April showers brought us May doughflowers?

    Alert your boytoys, ladies, because Doughnut Plant is taking the romantic staple of a sweet bouquet to a whole tastier level with their rose-shaped donuts. These charming confections come in three flavors- strawberry, blood orange, and rose. The first two totally count as daily servings of fruit, right? Probably not, but ignorance is as blissful as these Instagrammable treats.

    Finally, an Edible Arrangement of sorts that is made of something we actually crave! Even if you're making the best of uncuffing season, why not pull a Cher from Clueless and send yourself a bouquet of these? It'll be our little secret.

    [Photos via @beelzbubb, @wunderkind]