Eleven Madison Park Has Launched Luxe Plant-Based Home Meal Kits

by Stephanie Maida · April 27, 2022

    Looking for a meal delivery kit that's a bit more, well, Michelin-starred than HelloFresh? You're in luck!

    Fancy home chefs can now whip up some very upscale meals courtesy of none other than Eleven Madison Park. Of course, since Chef Daniel Humm made the progressive (and slightly controversial) decision to take the restaurant in the fully plant-based direction, the new meal kits will follow suit. 

    As Humm and his team have proven, though, you can get pretty creative with vegan cooking.

    Dubbed Eleven Madison Home, the subscription service features thoughtfully-prepared boxes full of fresh ingredients, aiming to promote environmentally conscious plant-based dining. As the new website states, "What could be the impact if we all ate plant-based food more often? Just one day per week spent plant-based will have an immediate positive impact for both the planet and our own health. So, let’s start with one day at a time."

    On that note, the boxes contain a full day's worth of easy meals, including snacks, dessert, and some hand-picked pantry essentials. A few sample dishes include whole-grain oatmeal with rhubarb compote and roasted pecan butter, a celery root salad sandwich on house-made focaccia, and Israeli couscous with roasted Carrots and mushroom kebab. Oh, and don't forget the bake-at-home snickerdoodle cookies that you can easily convince yourself are totally healthy.

    Each super seasonal weekly box costs $150 ($285 for two) and benefits Rethink Food to combat food insecurity. It's certainly a steal when you consider the price of the typical Eleven Madison Park experience is $335 per person. Plus, you can't beat the comfort of fine dining in your own home!

    [Photos courtesy Eleven Madison Home]