A Brunch Festival Is Coming To New York. Seriously.

by Christie Grimm · January 25, 2017

    Brunch lovers rejoice! Your lazy morning, egg based diets are about to get a shock to the system with God's gift to the city, BrunchCon!

    With about 50 restaurants serving up their favorite weekend dishes, from Cafe Grumpy and Bricolage to Manousheh and Wowfulls, you may want to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Grab your tickets and mark your calendar for March 26th now. Trust, you won't be the only one schlepping yourself over to Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn to sample yourself silly.

    If just the thought of eggs and pancakes galore have you too hot and bothered to function, might we make a few recommendations in the meantime?

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    [Photo via @eatingwithminnie]