Four Loko Hard Seltzer Is Here

by Stephanie Maida · November 6, 2019

    Y'all, put on your drinking helmet, delete your ex's number from your phone, and prepare to call out sick from work tomorrow. Four Loko has released hard seltzer.

    Most older millennials may remember the OG boozy energy drink as their first foray into alcohol consumption, whether they drank it out of a paper bag in the park or smuggled some into a friend's basement party. Then again, anyone who regularly sipped a can of the original caffeine-packed malt beverage probably doesn't remember much from those days.

    The infamous company's new offering comes after the rise of hard seltzer, particularly White Claw, which has gotten its own reputation for getting people White Girl Claw Wasted. This summer, Four Loko teased their own version of the beverage, promising party people an even higher ABV - a whopping 14% compared to White Claw's 5%. And though it was originally set to launch in 2020, the brand's first flavor is officially hitting stores this month.

    The Black Cherry flavor does have a lower alcohol by volume percentage than originally advertised - 12% - but the brand still claims that it's the "hardest seltzer in the universe," which is definitely true if you're talking canned drinks. 

    You know what a 5% ABV White Claw does to you - now imagine double that alcohol percentage. Proceed with caution folks. And again, delete your ex's number right now."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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    The hardest seltzer in the universe is here and it's real
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