Killer Clowns Are Delivering Doughnuts In Texas

by Stephanie Maida · September 25, 2017

    If you thought mailing an envelope full of glitter was a clever way to smite your enemies, prepare to get a lot more imaginative - and evil.

    Thanks to the IT remake, and this season's terrifying American Horror Story, killer clowns are totally making a comeback. Just in time for Halloween, no less. Well, in order to take advantage of this epic marketing opportunity, one doughnut shop in Texas is dressing up their delivery dudes and dudettes for seriously scary drop-offs of sweets.

    On Monday and Tuesday of this week, the Frisco-based Hurts Donut will send some snacks via clown to your BFF, boss, or arch-nemesis. Presumably, the doughnut part of this prank will bring them back to life if they pass out from fear.

    Needless to say, we've never been more thankful to live in New York.

    [Photo via IT, Hurts Donut]