NYC's Most Stylish Can't Get Enough Of These Delicious, Witty Chocolates

by Guest of A Guest · April 15, 2022

    After nearly a decade of working the sales floor at Bergdorf Goodman, offering up style tips to the city's most fashionable, Sara Armet has returned to her beloved department store to stock the shelves with her cult favorite chocolate brand, Lady & The Chocolate.

    Its name a cheeky play on the very BG tag 'Ladies Who Lunch,' the brand's flavors are just as witty as they are delicious. 

    Packaged like a storybook, each of her three hit chocolate barks - The Best S'mores You Ever Had, Karma Is A B***H, and White Trash - features a clever sketch and the remarkable story of how the brand came to be.

    Right at the beginning of the pandemic, Armet, like so many New Yorkers, found herself furloughed. 

    "It didn’t feel appropriate at that time to be selling designer goods," she shared. 

    "Here I was, collecting unemployment and figuring out how I was going to pivot. I knew my clients craved something more."

    Stuck at home during the lockdown, she woke up one day and on a total whim just began jotting down fun flavor names and recipes.

    After two years hard at work building her brand, which recently sold out at Saks Fifth Avenue as their Valentine's Day top-seller, Armet has founder her way back to Bergdorfs - this time as a successful Founder.

    "This is where the chocolate is supposed to be. Bergdorf Goodman is home. I worked on my hands and knees within these four walls." 

    "Every day I would get dressed to come and play in this world of fantasy and luxury. I built the foundation of the New York I will always know. It was here I learned how to be an entrepreneur."

    [Photos courtesy Lady & The Chocolate]