New York May Actually Be Getting A Legit Pizza Festival This Fall

by Stephanie Maida · August 15, 2018

    Suck it, Chicago - New York City is the pizza capital of the world. Which kind of explains why we don't actually need a "pizza festival." Even the greasiest dollar slice here is better than anything you'll get anywhere else (it's the water, duh).

    Then again, the absence of a pizza fest is not for lack of trying. We all remember last year's Pizza Festival debacle, which we (oh so cleverly!) dubbed the "foodie Fyre." Long story short, people paid upwards of $150 for bite-sized slices in a shady Bushwick parking lot. Hey, it happens.

    But the promise of cheese and sauce and cured meats and maybe even pineapple has once again inspired a pizza tasting extravaganza - and this time it seems pretty legit.

    The First Annual New York Pizza Festival is hitting the city this fall. Set to be hosted in the Bronx's Little Italy (already a good sign), the two-day affair will feature master "pizzaioli" (a word I never knew existed) from across the five boroughs, as well as Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina and Seattle. There will also be a special consortium from Naples, Italy.

    Admission is free, but if you want to eat and booze you'll have to snag tickets. Through September 9th, it's $20 for three slices $30 for six slices, but they get a bit pricier after. Beer and wine only tix are $20 for three drinks $30 for five drinks.

    The event will be held on October 6th and 7th, so cheesy connoisseurs should get their tickets HERE.

    [Photo via @speedyromeo]