Petrossian & Lady M's Caviar Cake Is The New Status Symbol In Town

by Guest of A Guest · November 9, 2023

    But soft, what caviar through yonder mille crêpes breaks?

    New York's ever-growing appetite for rich roe continues to explore new avenues. The latest lavish dish getting everyone all hot and bothered? Petrossian and Lady M's decadent Caviar Mille Crêpe Cake.

    A 3-inch gateau of thin savory crapes spread with layers of caviar-infused pastry cream, lemon dill gelée and fresh dill, accompanied by a 50g tin of Petrossian Royal Daurenki Caviar ready to dollop atop.

    Each Monday at 10AM a limited number of the petit treats will be available for pre-order. As is the case with all good things in the city these days, they are certainly hard to get, so set that alarm, don't be late, and be ready to stomach a hefty price tag.

    [Photos courtesy Lady M]