Pink Pineapples Are A Thing Now & We're Obsessed

by Stephanie Maida · May 25, 2017

    Behold, a genetically-modified fruit we can get behind. Pink pineapples - what will they think of next? Under patent by food producers, Del Monte, these "Rosé" creations are apparently safe to eat, having just earned a stamp of approval by the Food and Drug Administration this week. 

    Not only are they gorgeous, they're also even sweeter than regular ol' pineapples, meaning fruit salads and tropical cocktails are about to get a whole lot better. Sure, the whole GMO thing is a little freaky, but the hue comes from an addition of lycopene, the substance that turns tomatoes red. Seems natural enough.

    Word is still out on when, exactly, these babies will be hitting a grocery store near you - but keep an eye out!

    [Photo via @gourmandgourmet]