Prosecco Milkshakes Are Coming To Shake Shack In Honor Of 'Will & Grace'

by Millie Moore · September 12, 2017

    Like us, you're probably bummed rosé season has finally come to a close. But that doesn't mean you have to relegate yourself to Angry Orchard and Hot Buttered Rum just yet!

    Why's that, you ask? Because cult-favorite burger joint Shake Shack is introducing prosecco milkshakes to their menu!

    In honor of Will & Grace making a comeback (you know, that NBC sitcom that was funnier than Friends but got discounted because it lacked great hair and Jennifer Aniston's omnipresent nipples), Shake Shack is honoring the show with their very own milkshakes!

    The Will & Grace shake is made with cinnamon marshmallow frozen custard combined with fudge and finished off with whipped cream. But who cares about them? They were the lamest part of the show.

    What we're really here for is the Jack & Karen shake. It's made with strawberry frozen custard and prosecco and topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. These shakes are available only at the Herald Square location and the Upper West Side location. So it's pretty commendable that they're trying to #MakeUptownGreatAgain (even though it never really was to begin with). 

    Finally, a dessert worth getting fancy for. We mean, it's not like we ever learned the difference between prosecco and champagne. Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol, amiright? And what better way to drink it than with a milkshake?

    According to the press release, the special edition wine shakes will be available Monday, September 18th to Sunday, October 1st.

    [Photo via @celinelinarte]