Get FREE Pumpkin Spice Sushi In NYC Today

by Marisa Petrarca · October 19, 2016

    Has the pumpkin obsession gone too far...or has it only just begun? We present to you the perfect opportunity to determine whether or not sushi can join the ranks of foods we have forced to become pumpkin spice flavored. 

    Sushi Sushi will be offering free Pumpkin Tempura Mango rolls in anticipation of Halloween at both of its locations from 1 pm-5 pm today, Wednesday, October 19. 

    Fear not if you are afraid to try raw fish in sushi because it does not contain any. Pumpkin and mango are its two main ingredients. Vegans, we hope you got that.

    Sushi Sushi's manager told Gothamist, “It’s just like a spicy tuna roll, but with pumpkin and mango instead of tuna."

    If you happen to miss the free sushi window (a mistake), pumpkin rolls will be on the menu at Sushi Sushi for the month of October.

    Sushi Sushi, 126 MacDougal St, New York, NY & 54 Tiemann Pl, New York, NY

    [Photo via @whatizloves]