Red Wine Hot Chocolate: Yes, You Can Actually Make It

by Christie Grimm · October 14, 2016

    We know what you're thinking. What an amazing, horrible idea. Sure a chunk of chocolate pairs perfectly with a glass of red wine. But two such indulgent drinks, fused together? Why, that must be too much of a good thing, no?

    Not the case. Chilly days call for cozy measures, and spiking your favorite sugary cup of chocolate magic with a generous dose of vintage is the perfect way to warm up and relax like the sophisticated adult-child you are.

    Simple as anything, there's no need to get fancy. Go about making a batch of hot chocolate the usual way, combining 1½ cups milk and ⅓ cup dark chocolate chips over medium heat. 

    Not exactly brain surgery, stir until the mixture is fully incorporated, and you've a thick, creamy saucepan of chocolate goodness.

    Next, add 1 cup of red wine - might we suggest something a bit more full-bodied, like a nice Cabernet Sauvignon? Stir, stir, and stir some more until your impatience gets the better of you and you just can't stand it anymore. 

    Then drink, enjoy, and repeat!

    For you hot chocolate purists, fret not - check out our definitive guide to the best spots to get all hot and bothered in NYC.

    [Photo via @cupcakeree]