Testaroli: The Healthy Pancake Pasta You've Never Heard Of

by Christie Grimm · March 9, 2017

    Testaroli. Two ingredients are all that it takes to make this delicious pancake-like pasta. Just whole wheat flour and water. No silly egg volcano, none of that. Cooked on a cast iron skillet, sliced and then boiled, these thick slabs of pasta are unlike anything even the most well versed of Italian foodies have ever come across. 

    An age old specialty that dates back to Etruscan times - often referred to as the "earliest recorded pasta" - it's classically prepared either with pesto and a generous dusting of Pecorino or Parmigiano-Reggiano, or porcini mushrooms.

    So why have you never heard of this heaven of a dish? Honestly, we've no clue! It's annoyingly delicious, and a healthier alternative to what would otherwise be a cheat-worthy meal. Though fancy yourself a lucky person, as a roundtrip ticket to Italy is no longer the only way to steal a taste.

    We caught up with Chef Brando at Upper West Side institution Cafe Fiorello, the first stateside restaurant to serve up this fun to say, even more fun to eat pasta. Take a look below to see just how this ancient meal gets made - and then, head to Cafe Fiorello to taste it for yourself!