The Fanciest Gift For Anyone On Your List... Is Hot Sauce?!

by Stephanie Maida · November 17, 2020

    To paraphrase the words of our queen and savior, Beyoncé: I got hot sauce in my (gift) bag, swag. 

    Is it me or does holiday gifting get more challenging down the list with each passing year? Seriously, there are only so many mugs your favorite co-worker could possibly fit in her kitchen. That's why I was thrilled when I took Queen Bey's advice this season and found my ultimate gifting staple in, that's right, hot sauce. 

    Truffle hot sauce to be exact.

    Over the summer, it felt like I was seeing the shiny, minimalist bottles of TRUFFeverywhere - on countless Instagram stories, in posts, probably in a few sponsored ads because obviously, the algorithm knows what I like. It was clear that the trendy, foodie-favorite brand, which launched as a viral sensation in 2017 and quickly earned its title as one of "Oprah's Favorite Things," was having yet another moment. Since I consider myself quite the hot sauce connoisseur, I couldn't resist finally trying some for myself. When my well-curated variety pack finally arrived, I knew that I was entering hot sauce heaven. 

    Available in Hot, Hotter, and White Truffle, every TRUFF selection feels like it's elevating a meal with some kick and the subtle (and instantly luxurious) flavor of truffle. Full disclosure: I'm literally eating a burrito smothered in the stuff as I type. 

    Since everyone can do with a few fancy-feeling condiments, the brand is fully prepared to serve as the perfect gift. The variety trio comes presented in a very swanky box, as does its special White Truffle bottle, while mini versions are available as the ideal stocking-stuffer. And just in time for checking your list twice - and, let's be real, your own holiday feast - TRUFF has just revealed its brand new pasta sauce, available in Black Truffle Pomodoro and spicy Black Truffle Arrabbiata

    Now this is how you spice up your next Secret Santa. Thanks, Beyoncé!

    [Photos via @sauce]