The First Ever Dessert Festival Is Coming To New York

by Marti Rose Shanker · September 9, 2016

    Welcome aboard the "2016 Dessert Tour" train: first stop was the Museum of Ice Cream and second stop is the first ever dessert festival, Dessert Goals in Brooklyn. Get ready, because we're about to be in for a sweet ride. 

    Before the details are divulged, precautionary warning: wear some stretchy pants and just think about how it's oversized sweater season, not bikini #summerbody season. Dessert Goals is a festival dedicated to all things sugary and is set to open on Sunday, October 23 in Greenpoint. Its lineup, for now, features slurpy bubble tea from Boba Guys, ice cream sammies from Melt Bakery, dragon fruit bowls from Baba Cool, cakes and truffles from Mini Melanie, vast flavors of mochi from Mochidoki, and ice cream topped Hong Kong waffle creations from Wowfulls. With 26k people already interested in the event on Facebook, stare at your email (via their newsletter) all day on Tuesday, September 13 for the coveted ticket. 

    Checklist: great location, great lineup, and even better company full of #blessed New Yorkers who appreciate a good sugar rush. 2016 has officially become the year of ice cream, and we're already looking forward to that next scoop, wherever it may be.

    [Photo via @ourlifeinfood]