Of Course A Williamsburg Cafe Is Selling $9 "Unicorn Lattes"

by Christie Grimm · January 10, 2017

    While we may have already declared it to be the dessert year of the Unicorn, not even we could see the extravagant silliness of this oh-so Brooklyn item.

    While the NY Times called it "A Healing Unicorn Latte," a new in-depth report from Gothamist has us rolling our eyes hard.

    After speaking with The End Brooklyn, Gothamist learned a bit more behind the namesake of the drink which "is meant for you to fly high and tap into your inner mystical, powerful self." Containing E3 Live, which is the blue green algae giving it that magical color, the laughable latte also includes Wild Child cold press lemon juice, water, honey, cayenne, steamed coconut milk, and Maqui berry, an all too exotic fruit found on evergreen trees in Chile and Argentina.

    The fantasy concoction can be topped with flowers and/or indiscriminate sprinkles, which is nice we guess, but jury is still out on whether or not your aura grows a horn afterwards. TBD.

    [Photos via @butfirstcaffelatte, @theendbrooklyn]