Cafe Cluny's Secret, Off-The-Menu Dish Is The Ultimate Sweet Treat

by Christie Grimm · October 13, 2021

    When it comes to New York, you're only as interesting as your last meal out. 

    Magically snagging reservations at the newest hot spot is always a flex. The maitre d' greeting you with a big hug and asking about your family certifies your golden regular status. But confidently ordering some deliciously brilliant off-the-menu dish? Now that's a real swank move.

    The next time you make your way over to the corner of West 4th and West 12th for a chic meal at Cafe Cluny, don't you dare forget to leave room for the charming spot's secret sweet treat.

    Cluny's dripping in chocolate Profiterole Tower is available any time of day. The only catch? You'll need to order a minimum of three! And honestly, the way we see it, that's not so much an obligation as an opportunity.

    Treat yourself!