This S'mores Ice Cream Is Taking Over Our Instagram Feeds

by Stephanie Maida · September 26, 2017

    Thanks to global warming, summertime has been extended to at least November, apparently. It's horrifying and hot and uncomfortable but at least we can still indulge in some Instagrammable ice cream creations to help us take our minds off the inevitable burning up of the earth. 

    The perfect bite for such an ambiguous season? S'mores soft serve!

    A delicious melding of the best of both worlds, this go-to dessert has been taking over our feeds courtesy of photogenic brunch spot, Sunday in Brooklyn. While their pancakes are also worth noting, this unique treat consists of dairy-free chocolate soft serve, a shell of toasted marshmallow, and sugar crisps - it's like a cozy campfire in a cup. You know, without all the mosquitos.

    [Photo via @honeyofalife]