Truffle Oil Is One Big Delicious Hoax

by Geneva Hutcheson · August 3, 2016

    If you've been overpaying for truffle fries and truffle grilled cheese you've been duped. While it tastes delicious, truffle oil is really made from the chemical compound 2,4-dithiapentane, and not its chicer cousin. Of course, if you were a real foodie you would have already known this by reading the wiki page. I guess this is the synthetic leather issue all over again: do we glorify it as vegan leather or call it what it is: fake.

    Perhaps it's time to relegate truffle oil to the world of the nebulous synthetic: fake nails, bad hair extensions, spray tans, vegan cheese, pleather, your step-mom's boobs, all of Miami, emotions in LA, vitamins...

    In the end though, does it really matter? I mean, we already knew it was classier to serve your guests straight up truffles but for a late night indulgence, truffle fries are still queen. But then again, would you drink perfume?

    [Photo via @tesshi]