Vegan Avocado-Shaped Gelato Is The Guilt-Free Treat You've Been Waiting For

by Stephanie Maida · October 10, 2018

    It's hard walking through Little Italy as someone who's dairy-free. Whether it's a diet or lifestyle choice, seeing people spooning scoops on scoops of creamy gelato can give you major foodie FOMO.

    But now, even vegans can get in on the sweet dessert action!

    Downtown gelato, coffee, and pastry shop Polosud has just launched some limited edition treats that are both guilt-free and majorly Insta-worthy. The brainchild of Polosud's Pastry Chef Giacomo D’Alessandro, the avocado gelato is made using fresh avocados sorted out directly at the market. Scooped in a real avocado shell, the gelato can be personalized with any flavor, making it the ideal indulgence for any type of eater. For non-vegans Chef D’Alessandro suggests combining it with Nocciola for its nice salty taste; vegans can opt for Chef D’Alessandro’s award winning Dark Chocolate Surprise topping.

    Only 40 are being made daily, so stop by and snap a pic (before devouring it) ASAP!

    Polosud, 166 Mott Street

    [Photo courtesy Polosud]