What Makes A Bagel Cost $1,000?!

by Christie Grimm · January 23, 2018

    Um, that must be some cream cheese. It seems the Westin New York at Times Square (literally the LAST place one would ever think to spend $1,000 on a food item in New York) has brought back its fancy bagel some ten years after its initial introduction.

    So, why the high price tag? Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly, and gold leaf flakes. But still, a plain bagel. A Plain bagel!? I'm sorry, but to drop a G on a disappointing Donald Trump breakfast special, there better at least be some toppings on that shit. 

    The only vaguely redeeming detail in this whole Richie Rich silliness is that apparently the hotel will donate 100% of the proceeds to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, which is the largest emergency food program in the city.

    Buy a bagel, get a tax write off. Oh what a world..

    [Photo via The Westin New York at Times Square]