Where Has This Caramel Corn Churro Pretzel Been All Our Lives?!

by Stephanie Maida · June 5, 2019

    Since the dawning of the age of Instagram, wild, Frankenstein-y food hybrids have practically become the norm among trendy dining destinations. But somehow, they keep us coming back for more.

    The latest creation that has foodies drooling (and 'gramming) to their stomach's content? A sweet treat that could have only come from one very hungry daydream. Behold, a caramel corn dipped churro in the shape of a pretzel. It's one of the new summer menu items at Mexican hot spot Bodega Negra at the Dream Downtown and it will surely inspire you to save room for dessert after indulging in their new shareable Fajitas Fundido and some margs.

    Half covered with cinnamon sugar and half covered with white chocolate, a special mix of caramel popcorn, roasted peanuts, and pretzel bits, it's served with both a cajeta sauce and spicy chocolate sauce.

    If you needed a reason to ditch your bikini diet, this is it.

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    Because that diet can always start tomorrow 🤪 Tonight finish your meal off with our Caramel Popcorn Churro Pretzel! 🥨🍿
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